Heirloom I Screen Print for sale on behalf of Sarah Hopkins


Product Details:

Sarah Hopkins RCA

Created for MiniPrint Wales 2023, my tea cup series celebrates Swansea’s short-lived production of porcelain in the 1800s. 

The work focuses on heritage, and the significance of treasured objects and heirlooms.

Each piece is made by hand. 

Using hand-cut paper stencils, I screen print through them and build layers of colour. 

Much like a painting, I work from the background, adding depth and detail. 

I like to break the rules of traditional printmaking and experiment by layering light pigments over dark, enjoying the translucency and opacity of the medium.


Print Size: 22x22cm

Year: 2023

Float Mounted, Frame not included

Screen Print 3/15

Sarah Hopkins 2023