Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s easy to ignore just how much waste gets created at Christmas sometimes. All that preparation, packaging and wrapping just for a big reveal. If you’re feeling conscious of how much your Christmas impacts the planet, we’ve put together a quick list of sustainable gift ideas to treat yourself or your loved ones.

Tucuman Tote Bag £24.99

Sometimes we forget these bags aren’t genuine leather. The look, feel and hardwearing properties of this bag’s vegan-friendly PU material mirror leather seamlessly, and if you don’t tell anyone, we’re willing to bet they won’t notice either. This tote bag even had two handy front pockets and loads inside to ensure you’re always organised.

Mixed Rose Wreath Recycled Metal Flower £50

Typically, we’d be advocates of using traditional materials for your wreath. Although, when you consider this recycled rose wreath is more durable, and you might well keep it up beyond Christmas.

Recycled Diamond Small Glass Vase £20

We think these recycled glass jars are stunning either as a standalone decorative piece or with a bouquet of flowers inside. The textured shoulders refract light creating sublime patterns, and they’re available in storm blue, rose pink, amber or clear.

Fairtrade Sweet Lavender Soap

Made using Fairtrade olive oil, cocoa butter and shea butter, this delicately scented soap is 100% vegan too. Its rich texture nourishes and moisturises while leaving your hands smelling of lavender’s soft scent.

Recycled Tin Giraffe £12

Handmade from recycled drinks cans, our tin giraffes have been a huge hit ever since they arrived in the gallery. Playful and light-hearted, these colourful creatures are sure to bring a smile. 

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