Summer Ready Katie Allen Artwork 

Summer Ready Katie Allen Artwork 

Summer Ready Katie Allen Artwork 

Katie's artwork takes tremendous inspiration from the natural world, in particular, Welsh landscapes. Exploring the relationship between the changing seasons ensures Katie's work is as dynamic as the environments she captures. Fortunately for you, Katie's just delivered a trio of new prints to add to the incredible selection we've already got in stock.  

Late Afternoon, Towards Whitford

Late Afternoon, Towards Whitford - From £290

Is there anything better than a late afternoon stroll along a meandering rural path with a tranquil woodland to gaze out over? Nothing comes to mind. Unless it's enjoying that abstract view without the potential of being caught in an unexpected downpour. If the second option sounds more like you, Katie's Late Afternoon, Towards Whitford will evoke memories of Sunday saunters without the possibility of having to battle the elements.

Sunflowers Rhossili - From £290

Simply, the iconic view of Rhossili. The sunflowers are in bloom, a dense field which attracts visitors from all around the UK. In the background, Worm's Head stretches its long neck out to sea, all but evaporating into the distance. Vibrant tones elicit a summer warmth, reminding you of those precious days when your troubles melt away faster than a ninety-nine. 

Summer Hedgerow, Gypsy Cross - From £290

A dense tangle is delicately woven in a way only nature can create. Wildflowers' vivid hues meld into a medley of colour, gently tapered with a series of everchanging patterns, just as you'd find in a blooming hedgerow. Further up, foxgloves erupt as pink vertical splashes to provide contrast against the green, blue and yellow tones below. Meanwhile, blossom from an overhanging branch almost appears to drift gently from the tree and into the distance. 

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