Christopher Garrington


Have you ever stood in a gallery admiring portraits and wondered if you or a loved one could be immortalised in an oil painting?  Chris Garrington, a classical portrait artist inspired by the 17th century greats Caravaggio and Van Dyke has moved to the Mumbles and is available for commissions through the Gower Gallery.

Chris trained at the famous atelier of Charles Cecil in Florence for two years, and since his graduation has done several portrait commissions. He is part of the Art Plan Scheme which allows for payments to be made in instalments. For time-pushed individuals, Chris can also work from photographs he takes from an initial sitting. Portraits take about 6 weeks and start from £1,500.

Chris is based in the Mumbles in a live work studio just three minutes from the Gallery and you are invited to visit and discuss any ideas for portraits of family or friends. Please feel free to call the gallery for any further information and we'd be happy to arrange a meeting.


Arwen Banning


Arwen Banning can also be commissioned to do portraits through the Gower Gallery. She has been selected and singled out for mention in the BP Portrait Award in the National Portrait Gallery London and her portraits are in private collections across the world. 

The following is a brief outline of the process and prices. Portraits start from £2000 for a single figure. This is for a large scale piece on Belgium linen stretched over wooden stretcher bars. This would not include the price of a frame. Every additional person or pet in the painting costs from £1500. At the moment there is a 12 month waiting list.

The time scale for producing a piece can vary depending upon the complexity and size of the painting. Typically you could expect a painting to be completed within four months. The painting will have to be varnished after six months drying time, this can be done where the painting is hung.

Arwen prefers to to work from life with adult subjects using photography for reference. For children, for whom sitting would be difficult, she relies mostly on photography. This would be followed later by some sketching if possible, once a composition has been established.