Ostinelli & Priest

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"Ostinelli&Priest, a range of ceramic animal sculptures to delight."

The subjects chosen by Ostinelli&Priest remain consistent, as do their basic construction. Regardless, through each animal's diversity of breed, presence and character the final piece is always individual.

Ostinelli&Priest combine sculpture with the art of painting; utilising a balance of understanding between the two artists to create unique finished pieces that both please and inspire.

Short listed for The David Sherpherd Wild Life Artist of The Year Award, the work of Ostinelli&Priest has become very collectable, generating both national and international interest.


Cock And Bull
Ostinelli & Priest SOLD
Hare Of The Dog
Ostinelli & Priest SOLD
Lady Jane Grey
Ostinelli & Priest SOLD
Saddleback With Apple
Ostinelli & Priest £540.00
The Poacher
Ostinelli & Priest SOLD
Ostinelli & Priest £760.00