Sarah Westwood

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Sarah Westwood studied for her degree at The University of Huddersfield for a degree in Surface Pattern Design.  After graduating she moved back to her home town of Whitby.  She now lives in the heart of the North Yorkshire moors in a valley called Great Fryup Dale.  Working from her studio that has fantastic views over the valley, inspiring her everyday.

The technique Sarah uses is something very different, she uses wax and paper together which isn’t a technique seen in the UK very often.  Sarah creates unique work made from different up-cycled paper mainly very old dress patterns and other paper dating back to 1910. Fear not she only uses paper that would be thrown out my collectors of vintage memorabilia  that is maybe ripped and very over tired.  She gives it new life by adding it to her work, so most pieces of her original art work are packed with small chunks of history, every time you look at a piece you’ll see a snippet of vintage bliss that would have been lost.  So this gives every piece a uniqueness that can never be reproduced because some of the papers are so rare, making every piece a one off. 


Mixed Media Illustration Blocks
Sarah Westwood £28.00