Linda Lovatt

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Linda grew up on a smallholding in Shropshire, surrounded by fields full of wild flowers and quizzical animals, which she loved to paint and sketch.  She went on to train as an illustrator and designer at Shrewsbury School of Art and then Glyndwr University, then worked freelance for the next 20 years for various gift companies and museums.

Linda now lives at an old watermill near the Jed river, with a large and unruly garden. While digging her garden, she kept finding all these beautiful pieces of pottery, old keys and bottles hidden in the soil like pieces of treasure. This inspired her to create a range of assemblage and jewellery, drawing on her love of folk art and French automata.

Her garden became a rich source of inspiration for her creations. Antique and charity shops in Jedburgh also donate their pretty chipped cups, lonely saucers and redundant keys  to be turned into little pieces of art.


Copper & Vintage China Assemblage
Linda Lovatt £38.00