Linda Beech

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Linda Beech is founder of Trysorau Cymraeg, meaning “Welsh Treasures”! All her designs are handmade in Wales, using Welsh reclaimed materials, celebrating Welsh culture and history. Each creation is explained by Linda, mentioning some of the history of the place created and the materials she has used. 
One piece in particular, Gwesty ar y Cei (Hotel on the Quay) which was displayed here at the Gower Gallery, has had its inspiration and process explained;
"This design is very much 'from the sea as the base used for the sea shore is a panel from an old boat found washed up, with copper nails still intact. The quayside is an old boat chock, probably washed away from a nearby boat yard. Everything else is recycled - Welsh slate, rusty tin, nails and screws, etc."


Welsh Driftwood Scenes / Sculptures
Linda Beech £100.00