Jayne Davies

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I have always been interested in the Arts and completed a degree in English Literature at Aberystwyth University in the 1960s; so literature, especially poetry and the Visual Arts has always been important to me.

My passion for ceramics however arose only 15 years ago when I joined a pottery class here in Mumbles and was immediately inspired by the properties of clay. I enjoyed the process of making something three dimensional which could be handled, given weight, substance and finally a presence. 

My inspiration lies in all things Welsh. I was brought up in a terraced house on the East side of Swansea; the local community (and particularly chapel) played a prominent role in my upbringing. The Chapel Goers have materialised from this influence and Welsh miners and sheep farmers also emerge as ideas surfaced during the making process. There are so many elements to be considered; the type of clay, the decoration, the glaze, and finally that magical combination of earth and fire which produces the finished piece.

I would like to think that my work portrays something of those small and intimate moments that we are all familiar with.