Jane Malvisi

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Jane accepts commisions for statues of saints for churches, but mainly works in Raku. She uses a slip resist technique - "Naked Raku", where slip and glaze are applied to the once fired pot, then refried and removed from kiln when the glaze is molten. The glaze cracks with the cold air, is placed into sawdust and sealed to make a reduction chamber, and the carbon is sucked into the cracks. Later, the glaze is removed, leaving only the magic of the smoke. Alternatively, when a thin layer of metal oxide is applied and reduced, it produces beautiful lustre's as the oxide returns to its original metal e.g. copper. All the work is wheel thrown, and mostly Limoges Porclain is used.  

Jane is also considerably involved in voluntary work in Albania and Kosovo. From 2001 to  2004 she lived in Albania managing an education-teaching centre and set up a pottery workshop as an income source for 12 people. 

Jane also teaches pottery classes using clay and raku.



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