Cara Sandys

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Cara Sandys is a self employed artist and environmentalist, dividing her time between the UK and Australia. 

Cara has been making fabulously fun and quirky jewellery for the last 20 years. Individual pieces of coloured plastic are put on a baking tray and heated to fuse them together, then when removed from the heat, the plastic goes cold again. Sadly, the material is no longer being manufactured, so Cara has a limited supply to work with for the future, making the pieces she does create extra special.

It has been her jewellery making that has enabled Cara to get more involved in social justice issues in her spare time; and championing Freeconomy is Cara's true passion. 

It is this ethos of sharing and living a simple existence that Cara lives by; and this simple unpretentious fun that her lovely jewellery also conveys.